Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sea of Fog

Finally showed these frames last friday... made them almost three years ago now.

Sea of Fog show, curated by artist Linden Simmons, and also featured Roberta Thornley and Elliot Collins.

 Before. During. After 1.2m x 1.8m C-Type prints with archival diabond mount, 2010

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dear Pepi

This wonderful, incredible, amazing little creature came into our lives at the beginning of the year, and we'll forever be happier because of it. Pepi passed away last week. "Unfortunately" doesn't cover the anguish. It's a crime of reality, we've been arrested by our grief and inspired by the love and good times we shared. Who would have thought a gruff like me could have a massive giggle with my little buddy Pepi anytime of the day?

Some say I'm silly, it's just a cat! They've never had a pet.
And as death does, we consider life, the road, the string of our bows, arrows, fired. free. these tears nourish our beauty, our profoundest compassion. The road will take each and every one of us, that's our fare.

And to you the readers, whoever you are, wherever you are, peace to you, love to you, safety to you and your loved ones, while we still have a chance called life.



R.I.P Pepi Sniffer-le-Puss,  03.01.12 - 29.07.2012.